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Andrea Cruz Marchant

Dance-theatre director and performer. Founder of the company 'La Madre'. Her work with the company AuMents has gained international reputation.

Photographer, visual artist and specialist in participative art. She has broad experience working in educational projects in London.


Luna Pérez Visairas

Sound artist and professor at Brighton University. 

Digital music and sound installations.

J Milo Taylor

Toni Verd

Scenographer, producer and programmer of cultural events. Director of the International Chauen Festival in Morocco and co-founder of Wandering Stars.


Magdalena Canals Halewijn

Álvaro Sánchez López

Engineer and astrophysicist with broad experience as a trainer.

Co-director of the International Chauen's Festival in Morocco and co-founder of Wandering Stars.

Artists and Experts

Special thanks to

Mateo Canals Halewijn, Gabriela Dörflinger, Charly Swieca, Andrea Cruz, Tomeu Gomila, Aldana Arecco and Angie Parnwell.​

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