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Why choose Wandering Stars?


What benefits will your students obtain?

  • They will benefit from total immersion in the English language.

  • They will discover a different kind of cinema, with thought provoking short and long films and they will be introduced to new authors and some classic English language texts

  • They will develop their creativity through their own artistic creations.

  • They will approach other cultures and visions of the world. 


Wandering Stars is an open window to a different way of seeing of the world...Come and see!

Wandering Stars' Structure


Each 'Wandering Star' consists of:


1- Support Activities. We provide an educational booklet in which the session is placed in context. Relevant concepts are introduced and a series of pre and post activities are suggested to the teacher to use at school.


2- A morning with two main activities:

  • Presentation and screening of a film or various short films (see programme).

  • Creative workshop related to topic. 


3- Exhibition of the creative work made by students.

The ‘Wandering Stars’ club was born with the objective of offering a quality cultural activity, in which the students can enjoy a variety of film and fiction , realise their own art creations and in doing so, hopefully expand their minds. At the same time they will be immersed in the English language, learning whilst enjoying and exploring our world.


We offer 4 independent sessions, our four ‘Wandering Stars’.


Our 'Wandering Stars'

Wandering Star #4

Anima Mundi

Fantasy & Reality

Wandering Star #1

Wandering Star  #2

Wandering Star #3


Science & Fiction

Science & Fiction

Imagined Futures

Fantasy & Reality

Extraordinary Tales

Wandering Stars - Education

Presentation of the Educational Programme



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