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Wandering Stars - Rehacer

Cinema and Art sessions for people with brain injury.





We are currently collaborating with the Association Rehacer Baleares in the creation of an artistic and cultural programme for people with brain damage.


What is Brain Injury?

Severe brain injury is the result of a sudden lesion in the brain that provokes serious consequences: the person may suffer life-changing and debilitating problems. He or she will have cognitive, behavioural, and physical disabilities.  It is one of the first causes for disability and yet, one of the most unknown.


Sixty eight percent of people with brain injury present some type of inability to complete a basic daily activity, 45% of which have a serious disability. Many will remain dependent on the care of others for the rest of their lives.


How can chronic brain injury affect life?


Some people with brain injury may go back to a relatively normal life after a rehabilitation process. However, many stay in a chronic state: They are dependant people whose abilities are very limited. This is the moment to promote social inclusion, to find resources that allow the integration of the brain damaged in his or her environment. 


According to FEDACE, once life has been saved, the attention to the patient in the rehabilitation and integration process is not enough. This lack of resources to promote the personal autonomy and the social inclusion provokes the isolation of the people with brain damage and their families. At Wandering Stars, we want to pay in our contribution to revert this situation.



Short term objectives


Wandering Stars wants to offer a stimulating space for persons with brain injury. A place that brings joy and excitement to the patients and their families.

This programme also intends to expose the different artistic techniques so that the users can explore and strengthen different ways of communicating.


We will offer two different types of sessions:


  1. Cinema screenings presented by specialists,  adapted from the Wandering Stars programme.

  2. Art sessions to introduce the different techniques. These sessions will be receptive and flexible so that we can adapt to the different attributes and interests of the users. We count on the collaboration of Luna Pérez Visairas, with broad experience in participative projects in London.  See Luna's project



Long term objectives


Our long term objective is to find the funding and resources needed to complete a programme of artistic training for people with brain damage. 

We believe that art is a place where other abilities can be developed, a place where other type of inabilities can be forgotten, and tools are provided to find a place in society.



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