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Science fiction allows us to travel to imagined futures. We will discover authors such as H.G.Wells, Arthur C. Clarke, Isaac Asimov and Jules Verne, the ‘parents’ of science fiction whose imaginations have inspired and influenced the science they dared to predict. 

In our selection of films, we will see a future in which the Earth is covered with rubbish and we will also meet visitors from another planet who will make us question our understanding of our own world. 


Wandering Star #3 - Imagined Futures

Fiction and Science

 'Wall-E', Andrew Stanton. 98 min.


In a distant future where mankind has abandoned earth because it has become covered with trash, WALL-E, a garbage collecting robot has been left alone to clean up the mess. His encounter with EVE, a reconnaissance robot, leads WALL-E to embark on a trip into space, in which the life of mankind in Earth is at stake. 


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Workshop: Robot creation.



5 to 7 years old

'The Iron Giant', Brad Bird. 86 min.


This is the story of a nine-year-old boy named Hogarth who makes friends with an innocent giant robot that came from outer space. His friendship is disturbed by a Government agent’s determination to destroy the giant at all costs. 

7 to 9 years old


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Workshop: Robot creation.



'Close Encounters of the Third Kind', Steven Spielberg. 137 min.


Following a power outage, electrical lineman Roy Neary experiences a close encounter with a UFO when it flies over his truck, burning the side of his face with its bright lights. After his encounter, Roy becomes increasingly obsessed with mental images of a unique-looking mountain. 

10 to 14 years old


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Workshop: Galactic sounds and robot creation.



*All programmes include an educational booklet, a creative workshop and an exhibition of the students’ works.

Where: At your premises.  Minimum: 50-75 students

Schedule: from 9.30 to 13.15 pm approximately.

Booking: One month in advance. 

Please check availability with us for late bookings.

More information: 607 547 622 /

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