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Greek astronomers named the planets, those five starlike lights in the heavens, as the ‘wandering stars’, Asteres Planetai. This was due to the fact that in Antiquity the movement of celestial bodies was explained according Aristotle’s theory, which situated Earth in the centre of the Cosmos, with the objects in the sky, and indeed the sky itself, revolving around it. But the Wandering Stars, the five planets known of at the time, persisted in disobeying the movement of heaven. Instead of orbiting around the Earth as the Sun did, the five planets followed trajectories that did not fit the theory. It seemed as they wandered through the Universe without any logical course.

The name of the Cinema Book Club, ‘Wandering Stars’, refers to this inner light that guides each one of us and evokes children’s innate wisdom, their wandering curiosity and their way of learning: without an apparent logic or aim, but with a unique and authentic perspective, free of the adult’s formal and rational boundaries.

Thus, we want to celebrate this wandering curiosity, which ventures beyond the limits and the mental frameworks of each period and culture. Creativity and fantasy enlighten the human mind. For this reason we will observe how fiction inspires science, we will explore the relationship between fantasy and reality, and we will venture through unknown journeys.

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