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Short films:

'Dots' (1940) and 'Canon' (1964),  Norman McLaren. 2+9 min

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'The Prince Frog' (1961), Lotte Reiniger. 2,35 min

Interactive screening: Students will create the soundtrack for this silent film. 

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'The Magic Horse' (1953), Lotte Reiniger. 10,29 min

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'Mister Moon' (1901), Mitchell and Kenyon. 3 min



Workshop: Following our interactive experience at the cinema, we will take as a reference Mister Moon’s short film to recreate our own sequences. We will paint our faces in white and, with a black background and in front of a camera, we will be the Moon for a day.


Exhibition: The recordings of these extravagant moons will be the material for a video-art piece that will be screened at Cineciutat.

5 to 8 years old


Short films (with previous presentation):

'Vincent' (1982), Tim Burton. 6 min

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'Canon' (1964), and other short films from Norman McLaren.

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'The Caliph Stork' (1954), Lotte Reiniger. 10 min

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Workshop: Following our interactive experience at the cinema, we will create shadow puppetry, play with light, colours and rhythms to tell our own tales.



9 a 12 years old

We will gain insights into other worlds through the work of the first animators. With ‘Mister Moon’ we meet a peculiar but very expressive Moon. Lotte Reiniger and her shadows will transport us back to a time in which the Far East was still so foreign and exotic that it seemed from another planet. The Canadian animator Norman Maclaren will entertain us with the dance of his ‘toys’ in his ‘dots and doodles’ land. Finally, for the older kids, Tim Burton’s fantasy will take us to darker worlds.


Using shadows, lights and colours, we will transform the cinema into a very special space where kids will participate in an interactive and sensational experience. We will use voices, homemade instruments, torches and other scenic elements.


Wandering Star #2 - Extraordinary Tales

Fantasy & Reality


*All programmes include an educational booklet, a creative workshop and an exhibition of the students’ works at Cineciutat.

Where: At your premises.  Minimum: 50-75 students

Schedule: from 9.30 to 13.15 pm approximately.

Booking: One month in advance. 

Please check availability with us for late bookings.

More information: 607 547 622 /

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